Wealth Managers

The fine art field continues to undergo tremendous financialization and there is a growing need for including art in traditional wealth management. As your clients increasingly buy art with aninvestment view, being motivated by the potential returns and asset diversification benefits that art could offer, they look to you for guidance on concrete art services, such as collection management, preservation, and valuation. Your clients today see you as a trusted independent advisor for their art-related activities.

Lowy helps you meet your clients’ expectations and incorporate their non-traditional art assets into your existing services, such as wealth reporting, estate planning, philanthropy, and research. Investing in art means that your clients must consider the journey that their objects will take throughout their life and after their lifetime. Lowy’s expertise and comprehensive fine art solutions allow you to offer better services to your clients throughout that journey, as they seek to preserve and enhance the value of their artworks and collections, and as they plan to transfer their art assets and create a legacy for future generations.

We address your clients’ needs for:

● Research and information related to buying art, selling art, and art succession planning.

● Managing and maintaining their art throughout their lifetime.

● Protecting, preserving, and enhancing their art objects and their value.

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