Walking through the galleries, I am constantly aware of the ways in which

the appearance of the collection has improved thanks to Lowy’s talents.

- Keith Christiansen, John Pope-Hennessy Chairman, Department of European Paintings,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Preparing for the reopening of its European Paintings galleries, the Metropolitan Museum of Art had to treat a 16th-century panel painting of The Annunciation by Pietro Candido that was without its original frame. The panel had warped significantly over time and required a special molding—a complicated task in the case of a painting measuring 91¼ by 68¼ inches. The Met called upon Lowy for assistance.

Our team produced a custom molding to surround the warped panel of The Annunciation. When the Met reopened its European Galleries, the painting bore a handsomely and appropriately warped gilded molding.

In another project, the Met needed to frame masterpieces by the Venetian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. These enormous canvases depict ancient battles and triumphs and were painted to decorate a large reception room in the Ca’ Dolfin, Venice, where they were originally set into walls with frescoed frames. Working closely with the Metropolitan’s Department of Painting Conservation, Lowy created 18th-century style frames that complement the subjects of the paintings with their the violent action that seems at times to spill outside of their borders.