Frame Restoration to Museum Standards

Frames are structurally stabilized, missing ornamentation is repaired or replaced, and finishes are matched and restored.



Lowy’s skilled carvers, joiners and gilders routinely work with antique frames and furniture of all styles and periods, using methods that incorporate a unique blend of tradition and technology. Trained to work with time-tested materials and craftsmanship, as well as modern reversible finishes, they can correct any surface or structural problem.


Antique frame restoration and conservation treatments range from stabilizing the joinery to reducing or enlarging a frame to match a painting’s size. Our artisans also treat flaking gesso and gesso losses, and replace missing surface decoration with either hand-carved giltwood or newly cast composition ornaments identical to the originals.

When it comes to finishing, they take great care to ensure that the color and karat of the newly applied gold leaf is harmonious with the original gilding, before duplicating the antique patina. With each step, Lowy strives to maintain the historical integrity of the frame, while observing the highest conservation standards.