Art Replication

An enhanced digital reproduction that is a beautiful and expertly-executed stand-in for the original work

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Why Replicate?

Art collectors sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. To name a few:

On Loan

They loan their paintings to an exhibition and then find themselves staring at bare walls.

Tax Advantages

They discover the philanthropic (and substantial tax advantages) of gifting their art to a museum, but can’t imagine living without it.

Fragile Works

A favorite canvas has become too fragile to expose to the environment and has to be put away. Or, they are blessed with multiple residences, but hate being separated from the pieces they want to look at every day.

How it Works

“By marrying digital photography to techniques we use in conservation and framing — our core capabilities at Lowy — we are able to come up with incredible replications that are very convincing,” Lowy Senior Paintings conservator, Lauren Rich explains. “They are not meant to fool an expert. In fact, the owner is required to formally acknowledge that the piece is a copy that will not be used unlawfully. But they do capture the look, feel, and presence of the original work and enable our clients to surround themselves with the art they love.

Digital Image

Lowy’s Digital Photography Studio is a fully equipped imaging facility that rivals that of any world-class museum.

A state-of-the-art 50 megapixel medium format Hasselblad camera and a custom professional lighting system are calibrated with a computer to ensure the absolute correct color accuracy of the replica image.


Our high quality images are printed on canvas to create an incredibly exact likeness of your painting.


Finally, our experienced Lowy conservators apply three dimensional gel brushstrokes to the surface of the printed canvas adding texture, depth, and finish to perfectly match the feel of the original painting and create a replica that is remarkably similar to the original artwork.