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Press Release: Lowy Virtual Framing

June 15, 2021

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Virtual Framing Press Release


We at Lowy understand that virtual fine art services will be fundamental to the evolving world. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that our new Lowy Virtual Framing tool is now live on

Lowy’s online framing platform will be an invaluable asset for anyone in the fine art industry and beyond to visualize their artwork in Lowy’s custom frames with the tap of a button. Integrated into Lowy’s own website, the virtual framing program is free and easy to use with no downloads required.

View In Space

Clients can test up to 4,000 antique and contemporary frames from Lowy’s vast collection with any artwork of their choice. Once an image of their work is uploaded, users can save a high-quality JPEG of their framed artwork and download a comprehensive PDF containing all relevant information pertaining to the custom frame.

Included in this exciting system is a new technological feature where users can upload an image of their desired room or surface and digitally place their framed artwork on the wall to scale.

Painting frame-Current View

We anticipate Lowy’s new Virtual Framing system launch will change how the art world approaches framing, making our gold-standard services accessible and digitally dynamic to any client’s needs.

You can now access Lowy’s virtual framing tool here:

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