Preserve and Protect Your Art Holdings

Whether you own a masterpiece by a celebrated artist or a meaningful family portrait, you want to  safeguard your artwork and promote its longevity. Be a better custodian of art: Lowy’s specialized skills, expertise, plant, and equipment allow you to preserve the quality and value of your artworks to museum standard.


We believe that conservation is a process that extends throughout an artwork’s lifespan, connecting its history, present condition, and journey into the future. With our conservation and preservation solutions, not only can you properly address pre-existing damage or active deterioration of your art, but also proactively mitigate risks and even prevent damage from occurring.


We do this by:


  • Considering the artwork’s past and present environments, which affect how it degrades.

  • Researching and recommending various treatment options.

  • Carrying out tailored treatments in our state-of-the-art conservation studio, applying minimal intervention and maximum reversibility.

  • Stabilizing entire collections and reducing the need for remedial, object-oriented conservation treatments.


Learn more:


  • See how we help our clients revive and conserve their art.

  • Discover why contemporary art is more vulnerable to threat than Old Masters and consider what you can do to maintain the long-term health of your contemporary artworks.




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