Plan for Art Investment and Succession

Are you looking to buy or sell art, interested in art loans and finance, or dealing with art-related inheritance and estate planning? All these processes demand careful due diligence that involves the subjects of authenticity, attribution, dating, restoration history, and the conservation state of works of art. Addressing these complex subjects, however, requires expert knowledge of such disciplines as art history, conservation and material sciences, advanced digital imaging, and fine art treatment strategies.


Lowy’s highly educated consultants provide you with independent insight so that you can make educated decisions regarding artwork appraisal, valuation, and due diligence in relation to the acquisition, sale, and succession of fine art.


We do this by:


  • Analyzing and assessing your artworks and collections.

  • Researching your artworks within their historical and art historical contexts.

  • Authoring a comprehensive report for each object, detailing current conditions and recommended treatments or monitoring.

  • Photo documenting each object and creating a full inventory of your collection.

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