Optimize Your Art Collectibles

Throughout your journey with fine art, there may be times when you need to separate from your artworks or cannot display them. Perhaps you have gifted them to a cultural institution as part of your tax-efficient collection management or estate planning process. You may have loaned your art to an exhibition, or discovered that it has become too fragile to expose to the environment. Or you may be blessed with multiple residencies. 


Now you can make the most out of your art, even in the absence of the originals. Lowy’s bespoke replication solution allows you to:


  • Continue to enjoy your beloved artworks even when they are gone or preserved in storage.

  • Reproduce complete ensembles of art and frame.

  • Create artistic and expertly-executed stand-ins for original works without having to rely on the limited quality of standard digital photography.


We do this by:


  • Capturing a museum-grade digital image of your artwork, using a custom professional lighting system and meeting the stringent guidelines for cultural heritage imaging.

  • Applying three-dimensional brushstrokes to the photographic surface, adding texture, depth, and finish, just like the original painting.

  • Adding a period-appropriate frame made of exactly the right material, and with the right patina and carving, to completing the effect of a real work of art.


Learn more: 


  • Contact our team to explore how our enhanced digital reproduction solution can help achieve your goals


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