The HighBoy

Lowy has decided to team up with The HighBoy by hand-picking a selection of frames from our 5,000+ inventory to be featured on their website. The HighBoy is a revolutionary kind of antiques market which is embracing a fresh approach to antiques by making them available to purchase via the internet, even on your smartphone! Their presence on social media is enticing and fun- their Pinterest boards highlight antique pieces in modern spaces with bold color palettes showcasing the pieces or artwork. We love the seeing our frames in quirky spaces and can’t wait to see more of it due to the encouragement from The HighBoy.


The HighBoy was born out of an effort to revive and enrich the antiques industry, and has done so during the past several years of a rough economy. Olga Granda-Scott and her husband Douglas Scott are the founders, and a Miami based couple that hails from a family business in antiques. Since joining her father in the business, Olga has become an expert on European art and antiques and is beloved for her sharp intuition and eye for the best. The company’s love for the antiques industry and the arts in general is obvious, which is exactly why we’ve decided to join their team. We hope to meet you soon at thehighboy.com.


Clyde Butcher Photographs

Carl Lana came to the showroom with two Clyde Butcher photographs he needed framed for a client who wanted them hung as a pair. The two black and white photographs are titled "Gaskin Bay" and "Florida Bay" appropriately named for the Florida locations.
Butcher is an American photographer known for wilderness photographs of the Florida landscape. He is a strong advocate of conservation efforts and uses his work to promote awareness of the beauty of natural places. In 1986, Butcher's son was killed in a car collision with a drunk driver. Butcher retreated to the wilderness for solace and restoration. He put aside color photography and became a black-and-white landscape photographer using large-format cameras. He prints images ranging from 8x10 inches to 5x9 feet.
Carl chose a white rubbed ash finish to accentuate the wood grain and organic nature of the subject matter. He additional specified the arched outside edge which serves to subtly echo the dramatic arches of the Mangrove tree roots. Overall the considered choices yield a design that reads modern, organic and is perfectly suited for these photos.



Milwaukee Art Museum

In an August issue of Fine Art Connoisseur, Editor-In-Chief Peter Trippi pens an article about the Milwaukee Art Museum celebrating its 125th anniversary.  Two of the exhibitions mounted to commemorate this milestone focus on Frederick Layton (1827 – 1919), an English immigrant to Wisconsin who made his fortune in the meatpacking industry, and put together an impressive art collection throughout his life, which he donated to the Museum, creating The Layton Collection.
Lowy had the honor of reframing several paintings in the Layton Collection in time for the anniversary.  One of the paintings was William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Homer and his Guide, a large (82 ¼ x 56 ¼”) oil on canvas work dating to 1874. Lisa Wyer, a senior Lowy consultant, selected an 1880s French gilt composition Barbizon-style frame with ogee profile and continuous finely detailed scrolling acanthus leaf ornamentation, almost identical in ornamentation to the original frame seen in archived photos.