Manage Artworks and Collections

Ongoing care, monitoring, and processing of large amounts of technical information are all essential components of object and collection management. They demand expertise and are time consuming.


Lowy’s best-in-class curatorial support lets you manage your artworks and collections confidently and efficiently:


  • Keep your artworks safe and up-to-date with accurate cataloging pertinent for the recovery of lost or stolen items and for art market transactions.

  • Remain informed of the financial, historical, and art historical aspects of your collectible assets and easily report on them.

  • Ensure your artworks are properly installed, displayed, or stored.

  • Promote the long-term health and well-being of your collection with preservation methods tailored to your artworks and environment.


We do this by:


  • Professionally cataloging and photographing your artworks.

  • Producing comprehensive artwork condition reports. 

  • Consulting on art handling, display, and fitting, adhering to the highest conservation standards.

  • Designing a plan for improving, monitoring, and controlling an artwork’s environment at all stages, from storage to transport to display.


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  • Contact our team to discuss your collection management needs 

  • Read one collector’s story of managing a spectcular painting with Lowy’s archival framing and fitting solutions 


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