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From finding or fabricating the perfect picture or mirror frame to restoring and conserving a client’s art collection, to helping create architectural elements that complete a client’s décor—Lowy has the expertise and skills that allow interior designers to overcome design challenges and develop design concepts that complement architectural features.

Interior designers that rely on services provided by Lowy include Juan Montoya, Cullman & Kravis, Michael S. Smith, Bunny Williams, Muriel Brandolini, David Kleinberg, Tony Ingrao, Pembrooke and Ives, Peter Marino Architects, David Scott Interiors, Samuel Botero, Noel Jeffrey, and McMillen Inc.

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Design Icon Juan Montoya on Creating Stylish Interiors with Custom Frames

Interiors by Cullman & Kravis featuring frames by Lowy


"My client was taken with the care she received at Lowy. She could see it was the best. She could see the craftsmen working and how things were made. It was all very professional. The added bonus of being able to design and hand-carved custom cornices at Lowy was a welcome surprise."  

- Ann Pyne, President, McMillen, Inc.

When interior designer Ann Pyne, president of McMillen, Inc., was working on a renovation project joining two Upper East Side Manhattan apartments, she had to give stature to a room without architectural details of its own and fit many different elements—including a large collection of military objects and memorabilia, Empire and Empire Revival furniture, and a heavy mantle—all while incorporating her client’s traditional tastes.

The newly carved cornice with Lowy frame sample prototype

Ann Pyne of McMillon, Inc.

Pyne brought her client to Lowy, where she chose a finely carved, antique Louis XVI mirror frame that suited the furnishings and complemented the Empire pieces. Moreover, to create an architectural look in a bland room with two off-center windows, Pyne asked Lowy to design hand-carved window treatments that would balance the mantel and the Louis XVI interior. Our team accepted the challenge.

This intricate, multi-step project involved processes such as determining the proper design and scale

of the cornices; selecting a frame design that would complement the mirror frame; converting a

picture frame into a cornice, which required the shape and configuration of the molding to be more

architectural and three-dimensional; carving; and applying the correct patina to the cornices to create

a piece that seems to have been around for several hundred years. Pyne and her client were

delighted with the results.