Increase the Value of Art Assets

A great artwork can be enhanced or detracted from by its frame. Lowy’s unparalleled expertise in fine art framing ensures that the frame you select is itself a masterpiece that protects your artwork and adds value to it. 


We have the artisans and one of the world’s largest and finest frame collection to help you achieve the perfect match of art and frame to enhance your art asset, express what the artwork represents, showcase your taste, and create architectural elements that complete your décor.


We do this by:

  • Recommending framing options based on historical accuracy, aesthetic appeal, and your particular environment.

  • Remedying the most intricate frames while maintaining their historical integrity and observing the highest conservation standards.

  • Handcrafting precise reproduction frames as well as contemporary and modern designs with artistry and uncompromising quality.  

  • Providing archival fitting services.

  • Collaborating with interior designers on developing design concepts to complement architectural features.


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