The larger-than- life Salvador Dali loved coming in to Lowy and for many years relied on us as his official conservator. He felt at home not only among our many wonderful Spanish 17th- and 18th-century frames that he had grown up admiring, but also with the “smells” of Lowy: the varnishes, the paints, the sawdust, and our artisans whom he loved interacting with. Larry Shar, Lowy president, says: “I remember Dali’s smiles when entering our different workshops and literally embracing our restorers, gilders, and cabinetmakers, genuinely enjoying the total experience.” Dali was a night owl, which meant many a sleepless night for Shar, who was catering to his eccentric artistic whims. Of course, it was all worth it, and Shar remembers fondly his many nocturnal hours with Dali.