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Clyde Butcher Photographs

October 16, 2014

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Clyde Butcher Photographs
Carl Lana came to the showroom with two Clyde Butcher photographs he needed framed for a client who wanted them hung as a pair. The two black and white photographs are titled "Gaskin Bay" and "Florida Bay" appropriately named for the Florida locations.
Butcher is an American photographer known for wilderness photographs of the Florida landscape. He is a strong advocate of conservation efforts and uses his work to promote awareness of the beauty of natural places. In 1986, Butcher’s son was killed in a car collision with a drunk driver. Butcher retreated to the wilderness for solace and restoration. He put aside color photography and became a black-and-white landscape photographer using large-format cameras. He prints images ranging from 8×10 inches to 5×9 feet.
Carl chose a white rubbed ash finish to accentuate the wood grain and organic nature of the subject matter. He additional specified the arched outside edge which serves to subtly echo the dramatic arches of the Mangrove tree roots. Overall the considered choices yield a design that reads modern, organic and is perfectly suited for these photos.