"My association with Lowy began in 1972. Over the years, many of my most important frame designs were made by Lowy's dedicated and highly skilled artisans to my specifications and satisfaction. I have always considered Lowy one of America's foremost framers with stellar reputation second to none". - Gary Erbe

Cultivating long-lasting relationships with artists is a Lowy family tradition. Over the years, we worked with prominent artists who found in Lowy not only a one-stop shop for their conservation and framing needs, but also a home that supported their creative process. They include Salvador Dali, Ben Benn, Arbit Blatas, Robert Brackman, Leon Kroll, Alfonso Ossorio, and Robert Philipp.

We are committed to upholding this Lowy legacy in our partnerships with contemporary artists. Notable artists we currently work with include George Condo, John Currin, Gary Erbe, and Manolo Valdes. We are grateful for their involvement in conserving and creating proper framing solutions to their artworks, for sharing with us their creative process, and for being part of the Lowy family. 

Lowy has also had the pleasure of working with the late Paul Jenkins and his wife Suzanne, as well as the estates of Milton Avery and Winold Reiss.

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