Do you own contemporary artworks?


Click here to learn why they are more vulnerable to threat than Old Masters and how preventive conservation can help you protect your art and preserve its value

Key considerations in ensuring the health of your collection are:


Temperature and humidity: We identify the systems necessary to establish a balance of appropriate temperature and relative humidity for optimal collection permanence.


Light: We offer guidelines to reduce oxidation caused by visible light and recommend filters setup to combat decay or disintegration caused by harmful ultraviolet rays.


Display: We provide a display analysis with tailored, smart framing, installation, and structural design
to ensure that the materials that surround your artwork do no harm to the materials that compose the artwork.



To learn more about how the Lowy conservation program can help protect your fine art investment, please contact our team.

Lowy’s exceptional conservation skills only added to the success of our exhibition of the American modern master Charles Green Shaw."


I’m thrilled with Lowy’s work. The Heades now look magnificent. Good conservation means doing as little as possible for maximum effect, and I depend on Lowy to make that judgment.— "


At Lowy, we are committed to ensuring that fine art is preserved and passed on. We believe that art conservation is a process that extends throughout the artwork’s entire lifespan, connecting its history, present condition, and what its future holds for generations to come.


That is why we offer a full range of preventive conservation services. The goal of preventive conservation is to promote fine art’s long-term health and well-being by improving and controlling its environment at all stages, from storage to transport, display, and maintenance. Applying a macro-to-micro approach, we assess an artwork in its context as a whole and then analyze each individual segment of its environment. By providing the data and tools to control the causes of damage and deterioration, we allow you to stabilize entire collections and, over time, to reduce the need for remedial, object-oriented conservation treatments.


Established in 1907, the fine art conservation studio at Lowy has a track record of preserving works of art of all periods, from Old Masters to Contemporary, and of building relationships with clients across the fields of fine art and design, including artists, private and corporate collectors, galleries, and museums.

Our expert conservators bridge historical knowledge with modern conservation science, innovative methodology, and advanced techniques. In caring for your collection, we prioritize minimum invasion, easy reversibility, and maximum compatibility with the original artwork and the artist’s intent.

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