Antique & Period Frames

Comprising more than 5,000 examples, our antique frame collection is the largest in the world. It includes Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and English fine art frames from the 16th through the mid-20th centuries. Our collection of fine 19th-century and early 20th-century American frames is also unsurpassed.


We catalog this immense collection using our LowyScan™ system, which can be used to create custom portfolios in minutes. Our frame experts cut, carve, join, sand, gild, tone, glaze, finish, and fit your period frame to the highest museum level standards.

The breadth and diversity of our antique and period frame collection allows us to meet the needs of museums, institutions, art dealers, and private collectors, who require historically accurate frames for important artworks.


View our antique and period frame inventory catalog:

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