Founded in 1907 by Julius Lowy, Julius Lowy Frame and Restoring Company is recognized as the country's leading fine art services firm, offering fine art conservation and restoration services, an extensive collection of antique frames, reproductions and modern frames. Comprised of over 4,000 frames ranging from extremely rare 16th century Renaissance through 20th century Arts & Crafts models, Lowy's antique frame collection is the largest in America and one of the top in the world.


The breadth and diversity of the collection allows Lowy to meet the needs of museums, institutions, art dealers and private collectors who want historically accurate, and aesthetically appropriate frames for their important works of art. Our artisans repair and restore antique frames using the same tools, techniques and materials employed by the craftsmen who made the originals.


Assembled over nearly a century, the immense collection is catalogued using the proprietary Lowy Scan system and can be accessed to create custom portfolios in a matter of minutes. Lowy is often called upon to develop new frame designs or recreate period frames. Our master craftsmen carve, gild and tone each custom frame by hand. Over 2,000 reproduction and modern models are available. Our conservators provide museum quality conservation for both paintings and works on paper. Remedying the deleterious effects of the environment and improper handling is a key component of the Lowy service. Employing state-of-the-art materials and technology, Lowy employs reversible techniques to preserve the historical integrity of the art. Lowy's conservators have expertise in a variety of areas - Painting, Works on Paper, Archival Services.


Lowy’s reputation for excellence is largely due to our staff of highly educated professional art conservation and museum-quality frame consultants. Clients throughout the fine arts community consistently seek our guidance and expertise for their individual conservation and framing needs. Whether serving private collectors, art advisors, museum curators, auction houses, galleries, architects, interior designers or artists, our consultants provide unparalleled knowledge and personalized assistance in everything from assessing the condition of artwork and recommending proper conservation treatments to providing aesthetically appropriate antique, reproduction and contemporary frames.
We also review and evaluate entire collections. Our consultants have helped numerous private collectors determine priorities and plan expenditures. Our commitment to offering the highest quality, most comprehensive curatorial services is unsurpassed in the industry.